Screenshots Management

Take full-size web page miniatures and see where the fold is. No other SEO-SEM software gives you such Conversion Rate advantage.

Screenshots management is a distinguishing feature of Visual SEO Studio.

web page miniature with foldsThe miniature viewer let you see at a glance where the most common web folds lay, helping you spot and fix in no time Conversion Rate issues people normally hardly notice. It's not just about a few pixels, so often it's about stop losing customers and money... you can do it even from the early stages of your landing web pages design.

Improve your landing pages Conversion Rate, ensuring that the strategic Call To Actions are "above the fold"!

Screenshots can be taken from a page node within the Crawl View, Folder View and Tabular View, or directly from any URL.
Web pages miniatures are taken full-size: they do not limit to the visible part, but span the entire page length.

web pages screenshots management in Visual SEO Studio
Store and manage web pages screenshot miniatures (click to enlarge)

The screenshots management window can show web pages miniatures by domain, subdomain, by tag, home pages...

Main features:

  • Have a clear view of what is above the fold, and what is not.
  • Keep record of web pages layout across time storing full-page miniatures.
  • Prepare with ease a collection of page layout examples shot around the web.

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